WATCH: Mob Of Muslim Refugees Launch Assault On Trucker But INSTANTLY Get...

WATCH: Mob Of Muslim Refugees Launch Assault On Trucker But INSTANTLY Get Served BIG RIG FULL Of Justice


This is an incredible “eye-opening 14-minute video, shot through the front windshield of this Hungarian truck drivers 18-wheeler attempting to carefully navigate through a continues band of marauding refugees running amuck on the highway somewhere in Europe.

The trucker was making a run from France to Great Britain when he encountered a horde of refugees casually walking along the highway and then actually attempting to either stop the truck drivers, or cause mayhem.

The video highlights the utter frustration this truck driver is going through as he curses throughout the video, attempting to avoid them as they have no thought or consideration to the potential hazard they’re causing.


At first the truck driver speaking in I believe the Ugric language with English subtitles is somewhat amused watching the ongoing highway turned into a pedestrian walk way, as he’s is forced to reduce his speed down to about 20-miles per hour, and then further reduced to driving behind other rigs suffering the same frustration.

At one point he attempts to drive back into his lane, and actually drives the refugees back on to the soft-shoulder, however some begin throwing objects at his truck; you can actually see and then hear a few young punks hurling objects at him.

At another point exasperated he asks where are the police, who are actually visible as he passes by police cars sitting off the side of the road, doing nothing to elevate the crisis.

Once again we witness Europe’s appeasement and apparent lack of resolve to confront the young mostly male refugees, content in allowing them to take over their country and even its nation’s highways.

Thankfully the days of appeasement and lack of resolve has finally ended for America, and we doubt that President Trump will take to kindly in having out nations highways turned into “Muslim parking-lots!”

source: usherald