Teacher Called Her Students Racist So They Decorated Her Classroom With Pro-Trump...

Teacher Called Her Students Racist So They Decorated Her Classroom With Pro-Trump Posters


A video recently emerged of one black math teacher at a high school, whose classroom was covered with pro-Trump posters and slogans, as a response to the teacher accusations that the students were being racists for supporting Trump.

On the door of the classroom was a poster of Trump that read “Obama, You’re Fired” and another paper saying “Make America Great Again.”

In the classroom were more posters of Trump and many key points of Trump’s Agenda written on the whiteboard on the wall, all which the teacher finds racist.

At the same school few doors down, another math teacher who was Mexican-American and also was not a fan of Trump, discovered a “wall” blocking the doorway to her classroom.

The “wall” was printed out sheets of paper that looked like bricks and was hung across the door.

As you can see on the video the teacher accuses the kids of being racist but they have done nothing that indicates racism. And as for the wall, that is not racism since “Mexican” is not a race but nationality.

People don’t like to be called racist when they aren’t one, these kids had it enough of the teacher accusing them of racism and this was only a move to show her that they are not ok with that.

Maybe the teacher should pay more attention to teaching them math skills so they can advance and avoid talking about politics in the classroom.

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