Rand Paul Drops a Line About Our President That Trump Haters Should...

Rand Paul Drops a Line About Our President That Trump Haters Should Never, Ever Forget


While appearing on Fox News’s “Fox & Friends,” Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) praised President Donald Trump’s accomplishments and suggested that every time he wakes up, he rejoices that former Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton isn’t president.

“Every day, I wake up, and I say, ‘It could have been Hillary Clinton,’” Paul told the hosts on Thursday. Trump, Paul argued, was better than Clinton, who “wanted to go to war everywhere” and would have waged a “war” against American businesses.

Host Steve Doocy had just asked Paul to evaluate Trump’s first six months in office. Paul ticked off a few of Trump’s accomplishments, including getting Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch confirmed and repealing regulations.

The media, according to Paul, focused too much on the controversy surrounding Russia.

“I think, sometimes, the media gets self-occupied with a story,” Paul said. “This sort of — I think made up, in a way — Russian story. But we get so occupied with it that we forget the good things that are happening, and I think a lot of good things have happened so far.”

Paul also said that a Clinton presidency would have led to another war in the Middle East.