WATCH: Navy SEAL Governor CRUSHES Anti-Cop Thugs. Liberals HATE This.

WATCH: Navy SEAL Governor CRUSHES Anti-Cop Thugs. Liberals HATE This.


Violence against police officers is becoming a disgustingly common trend. Something needs to be done to stop this horrendous behavior, and finally, a Navy SEAL Governor STEPPED UP!

Missouri Governer, Eric Greitens, signed the “Blue Alert” bill into law last week. According to Fox Newsthis bill established a system similar to the “Amber Alert” system, but designed for police officers being assaulted. Furthermore, it puts HARSH sentences on THUGS who attack law enforcement. 

The rise in violence against cops is absolutely disturbing. Democrats have incited fury and the violent mentality that normalizes attacks on police. In their mind, police officers are “racist” for following the law, among other things. A cop arresting someone for breaking the law? Unimaginable! These savages better get used to it.

There are some people who can be blamed for this behavior. DOMESTIC TERRORIST groups, like Black Lives Matter and ANTIFA, push the agenda that cops need to be attacked and beaten. They can’t even really specify why they dislike cops, except to state that they are bad people.

Their hatred of police is evident in the Black Lives Matter’s group chant, “Pigs in a blanket, fry like bacon.” WHY on earth would they resort to this barbaric behavior? Their reasoning seems to be the misconception that “White cops are shooting innocent black men.”

They don’t address the fact that over half of the country’s homicides are committed by black men against black men. Why are they not addressing the issues in their own community, and instead causing problems on this scale?

The gut wrenching liberal mainstream media is not doing us any favors either. You can see a clip where CNN purposely misled their audience into believing that a BLM protest in Chicago was advocating for the violence to stop. They left out the part where a woman called for bringing destruction to the suburbs, aka “rich white neighborhood,” and burn everything there. 

These laws are going to help get a handle on the rabid communities that think it’s acceptable to murder cops just for doing their job. Honestly, these people need to be put in prison for LIFE. Law enforcement is there to HELP, not harm.

We are witnessing brainwashing on a massive scale. It is frightening to think that people can act this way, and be certain that they won’t be punished. If you endanger the lives of our cops, you do not deserve to be free. Period.

As a community, we need to start speaking up for law enforcement. They put their lives on the line for us every day. In such times of turmoil, they are in more danger than ever. We will NOT let these thugs win the battle against our police. We will fight back at any cost.

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