Canada Gives $8MM To Terrorist Who Killed U.S. Soldier, Furious Marine Issues...

Canada Gives $8MM To Terrorist Who Killed U.S. Soldier, Furious Marine Issues PERFECT Response


Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is a traitor to coalition forces and Western society.

Canadian citizen and terrorist Omar Khadr was awarded $8 million and an apology from the Canadian government despite killing American Army Sgt. Christopher Speer and blinding Sgt. Layne Morris in 2002. Now, Sgt. Morris is furious.

“It’s totally offensive. This man kills somebody, and he gets then a check for $8 million?” Sgt. Morris said. “Even if the guy’s rights were violated, that’s worth $8 million?”

Omar Khadr was paid $8 million by the Canadian government in compensation for the time he spent at Guantanamo Bay Naval Base after lobbing a grenade at American forces.

Ahmed Khadr, Omar’s father, was a member of Al Qaeda and a close friend of Osama Bin Laden. After the September 11 attacks, Ahmed moved his family to Afghanistan to fight in the war.

Omar Khadr was only fifteen when the incident involving the death of Sgt. Speer occurred. His entire family was working with Al Qaeda.

American soldiers learned the location of an Al Qaeda compound and were sent to investigate on July 27th, 2002. A firefight erupted between American and Al Qaeda forces hiding inside.

An airstrike was carried out against the raid ending the firefight. Five American Special Forces soldiers entered the compound via a newly created hole in the stone wall. They were not aware that Omar Khadr and one other militant were injured but still alive. Khadr lobbed a grenade at the American soldiers killing Sgt. Steel and blinding Sgt. Morris.

Khadr was captured and offered medical treatment before being sent to Guantanamo. He was the youngest man ever held in the naval base. Khadr pled guilty in 2010 and was released by Barack Obama in 2012 to the Canadian government to finish his sentence in a Canadian prison. The terrorist was released almost immediately on bail by the Canadian courts.

Now, Khadr has been granted over $8 million for his supposed mistreatment in Guantanamo, but Sgt. Steel is still dead and Sgt. Morris is still blind.

Omar’s father was a top financier of Al Qaeda, and his terrorist family moved back to Canada after his death in 2003. Now, Omar is free with millions of dollars and obvious ties to terror organizations.

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