BREAKING: Trump Just Gave Gun Owners GREAT News

BREAKING: Trump Just Gave Gun Owners GREAT News


For eight years, American gun owners had to deal with an openly anti-gun chief executive. Thankfully, with the election of Donald Trump, the tide is beginning to turn in favor of the Second Amendment.

Back in February, President Trump signed an Executive Order (EO) calling for a sweeping reform of America’s gun regulations. Although nothing of substance has been officially released, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) is close to doing away with useless or overly burdensome federal gun regulations, via Federalist Papers Project.

One of the regulations up for debate may be the rule that all firearms must be purchased from a federally licensed dealer.

Also, those convicted of non-violent misdemeanors may get their Second Amendment rights back.

The Left-wing website The Trace has written that the ATF has a strict command from the Trump administration to find and discard as many federal regulations as possible, via The Trace.

As part of this process, the Bureau has consulted both pro-Second Amendment advocates and supporters of gun control about which regulations they think are worthy of keeping and which ones could be dropped.

No matter what, this development is bad news for gun grabbers and those liberals who consistently point to Australia as a prime example of good gun control.

President Trump’s decision to deregulate America’s gun laws will strike at the heart of the Left’s attempts to use federal bureaucracy against Americans citizens interested in using their Constitutional rights.

As for the example of Australia, its nationwide gun seizure in 1996, which came in the wake of the Port Arthur massacre (via NBC), has not been as successful as the American Left believes, via National Review.

Frankly, one does not have to look abroad to see the failures of strict gun control. Chicago and California are both known as locations that are highly restrictive and not friendly to gun owners. Chicago has some of the highest levels of gun violence in the country, while California is in the top ten for gun violence in the nation, via SF Weekly.

The liberal heaven of Vermont has some of the highest per capita rates of gun ownership and the lowest rate of crime in the country.

Even Europe is waking up to the reality that gun ownership can help fight crime and terrorism. The Czech Republic, a bastion of freedom in an otherwise socialistic Europe, is arming its citizens to preserve the peace, via Daily Caller.

President Donald Trump understands that the Second Amendment is a guaranteed right that is not up for debate.

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