BREAKING: Soros White House Plot CONFIRMED, He Has To Be Stopped!

BREAKING: Soros White House Plot CONFIRMED, He Has To Be Stopped!


When it comes to seedy characters, it doesn’t get any worse than George Soros. He is famous for his seemingly unlimited amount of money and far-reaching global influence. NOW he is taking it too far.

It was uncovered that Alexander Soros, who just so happens to be the son of George, gave a whopping $33,900 to the DNC on April 28, according to The Washington Free BeaconThe amount “donated” is the max amount that can be given to a political party in one year.  If you think THAT is bad, you haven’t heard anything yet.

One of his largest contributions goes to the Senate Majority PAC. Alex gave the PAC a whopping $3.5 MILLION between August and September of 2016. THAT sure seems like a call for alarm if there ever was a reason.

Priorities USA Action is the BIGGEST Dem-driven super PAC that supported Clinton, standing with her to the very end. In the year 2016 alone, he contributed $9.5 million. Something is not right about all of this money swapping hands. We have to wonder; where it is going, and how is it being used?

It is especially troubling when you take into consideration that Democrats didn’t even have a MESSAGE during the last election besides “Trump is bad.” The Left had no plans or solutions to improve the country. NOTHING.

If you thought for a second that there were no more contributions from the Soros Family, you are sorely mistaken. Alex dished out another $33,400 to the Democrat Congressional Campaign Committee.

The icing on the cake is the $10,000 randomly cut checks to different Democrats in high positions. Meanwhile, veterans are starving to death on our streets. It is shameful and a disrespect of the HIGHEST order.

Now that we have a ballpark figure of how much money George and Alex have contributed to the Democrats, a bigger question must be asked. How much money is trading hands OFF the records?

Alex has no qualms about giving up money to the Dems, but there seems to be more to this story than meets the eye. George is grooming his son to take over after he dies. If George can’t see his vision of a complete takeover, he will pass the torch to his son.

The goal here is simple. The Soros’ want to buy the White House during the next election. They will pick the candidate, set everything up however they want, make all the donations, and make a run for the Oval Office. We CANNOT let this happen. President Trump is FINALLY in office and making significant changes to improve our quality of life and the country as a whole. Soros is probably upset that he isn’t getting his piece of the pie.

We know that Soros is partially responsible for paying people to riot in the name of “freedom” over Trump winning the election. Soros’ agenda is clear, and we CANNOT allow it to progress. We need to WAKE UP and pass this message along to all of our fellow PATRIOTS. Our country will NOT be bought!

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