BREAKING: Federal Judge Teaches Anti-Trump Protester Lesson He’ll NEVER Forget

BREAKING: Federal Judge Teaches Anti-Trump Protester Lesson He’ll NEVER Forget


Once President Trump was elected as President of the United States, the Left decided that this was their cue to lose their collective minds. They thought they could act like fools without paying the price. A Federal Judge taught one rioter a lesson he won’t soon forget.

Dane Powell, 31, was one of the 234 people arrested on Trump’s Inauguration Day riots,according to Breitbart. He joined in on a “Black Bloc” where he gathered with others, and cowardly covered his face and body to hide his identity. He was caught, and his sentence has been determined by a Federal Judge; Powell is looking at THREE years in prison.Good.

Powell admitted that he was guilty. He signed a statement confessing to throwing bricks at police officers during the riot and participating in the destruction of private property. What kind of point was he trying to prove?

He managed to make himself look like a fool and help us prepare for the next four–or eight years–that President Trump is in office. Hopefully, Powell learned a valuable lesson; if you act like an animal, you will get TREATED like one.

The crazy part is that lawyers at ACLU had a fit over the arrests of the rioters! They claimed that the people came out “to express their disapproval of [Trump’s] policies.”

Apparently, destroying other people’s property, including businesses, is just displaying their disapproval.  Trying to beat a cop’s head with a brick? Again, just disapproval. These guys are idiots.

You have a right to PROTEST. You can say you don’t agree with someone and their policies. What THESE people did is homegrown terrorism. “I don’t like someone, so I am going to destroy someone else’s property.” YOU CAN’T DO THAT!

It gets even better. The lawyers went on to say that their clients were not treated fairly. They were subject to “humiliating searches” and pepper sprayed, among other things.

When you get arrested, guess what happens? YOU GET SEARCHED. It is all basic, common sense stuff. Do these lawyers think they are getting away with this nonsense? Who is buying their act?

It is almost comical, in a way. They think that they have the moral high ground and they are ENTITLED to destroy someone else’s property. Can you imagine if someone did that to them? They whine if someone SAYS something they don’t like. Can you imagine if someone destroyed their assets or tried to harm them physically?

Overall, we are GLAD that justice is being dished out to these savages. It is just insane to us that their lawyers are trying to defend the case–especially after their client admitted guilt.

We are just looking at another excellent example of why liberal snowflakes are a joke. They have no idea how to have an intelligent conversation or act like rational human beings. Everyone involved in this case should be ASHAMED of themselves.

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