BREAKING: Guess Who Is Behind Anti-Trump Violence At G20 Meeting?

BREAKING: Guess Who Is Behind Anti-Trump Violence At G20 Meeting?


The G20 meeting has come to a close, and we wish we could say it went off without a hitch. There WERE some good things that came out of this meeting, but on the other hand, the violence over President Trump’s appearance needs to STOP. We now know who was behind it.

Daily Caller reports that the group behind this monstrous behavior is none other than Refuse Fascism. These people act as if they’re bringing peace to a protest, all while walking around in masks and bandannas. The fact is that THIS group is partially under the leadership of the villainous George Soros. This group is the CAUSE of violent riots. People, including police officers, are getting hurt.

The G20 riots started off the way all recent riots have started–as protests by the left. It’s almost like the liberals are pushing to get enough people into place to start a full-scale riot.

Shockingly, there were AT LEAST 130 police officers injured in Germany during these riots. Law enforcement was TRYING to stop the riots. These brave cops were not standing down as their American counterparts were forced to do during previous riots.

The group titled their riot, “Welcome to Hell.” As the night went on, the violence only escalated.

Some of the protesters stated that they wanted to “resist Trump.” The crazy part is that they don’t even know WHY they don’t like Trump.

The reason leftists are so clueless and have so much resentment toward Trump is simple — George Soros is lining their pockets. All you have to do is trace the money to find out the truth.

One of the major funders of Refuse Fascism is the Alliance for Global Justice, a group that is funded by Soros and his elitist buddies. Obviously, Soros intends to stir the pot because of his vendetta against Trump. We ALL know Soros HAS the funds to fuel these disgusting riots.

It doesn’t leave much to the imagination. Based on the evidence, you can tell that something isn’t right. We wonder though; does the group calling themselves “Refuse Fascism” do so ironically?

You cannot have a message opposing fascists while at the same time promoting EXTREME violence against people who don’t have the same political views as you. It’s complete hypocrisy. How in the world does the left think they’ll be able to keep getting away with this nonsense?

People are slowly waking up to Soros and his scheme to overthrow President Trump. The PATRIOTS of this country will never let that happen. The madness and violence need to STOP RIGHT NOW!