“Who’s Gonna Pay My Rent!” Liberal Welfare Queen Freaks Out After Being...

“Who’s Gonna Pay My Rent!” Liberal Welfare Queen Freaks Out After Being Denied


While some people go through a rough time and may get temporary help from the government there are others that live off of the government and taxpayers money.

Welfare queen or whatever you want to call them, they run around with brand new cell phones and drive a better car than you and me.

In the following video you will see the mentality of a welfare lifer.

A young healthy person that can go get a job somewhere or at least try to get a job and show the welfare people that she is trying.

Coming out of the building you can see her going off because she was denied all of her bill getting paid for free.

Fucked up…..these mother fuckers” She yelled while on video. “I’m not in the right frame of mind at this time”

What the video:
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After being denied benefits this lady freaked out and launched into a profanity filled rant Patriot Chronicle reported.

She screamed “Who’s Gonna Pay My Rent!”. Its interesting that she didn’t try to focus on finding a job and a way to pay the rent herself.

While some people do need real help, others just like living for free.

Then they get mad when you tell them they have to work to support themselves just like everyone else.

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source: thepcmdgazette