Maxine Waters Runs Onstage, Ranted About Trump, Then Something INSANE Happened

Maxine Waters Runs Onstage, Ranted About Trump, Then Something INSANE Happened


Maxine Waters just crossed the line!

During the annual LA Pride parade and resist march on Sunday, she went on stage and started yelling “impeach 45.”

She also continued ranting for another 5 minutes.

According to Liberty Writers and Breit Bart, she went on saying “He is not my president. He is not your president. He lies. He cheats. He’s a bully. He disrespects us all.”

The work President Trump is doing for our country is driving her crazy. If she doesn’t support our president, she needs to be out of congress. She continued on saying: “If he thinks he can mess with the LGBT community, he better look at what happened right here in West Hollywood. You deny, you disrespect, and you will find that there are people who have the courage to organize and to take back whatever needs to be taken back. We resist this president because he stands for the worst of everything. And guess what, I know that people may not quite be ready. I know some are a little hesitant. I know some are saying I’m not so sure, Maxine, that what you are saying is the right thing, but I’m saying, impeach 45. Impeach 45.”

Maxine Waters got off the stage with saying that she loves us all “and I know that we are going to take our country back from him. I know you have the strength. I know that you have the courage. I know that each of you knows you have the power! Stay woke!” Quoted by Breit Bart.

What kind of example is this leaving to our kids and to our country? Everything they do is negative and is effecting bad to our country. It is time for us to get together as patriots and show them who the real Americans are! Maxine also used to talk how Barack Obama has a secret database with everyone’s details in it.

She probably forgot about this. I don’t think I want an Representative like this in our country. Do you?

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God bless America and the American people!

source: conservativeforever