Pope Tells Merkel: ‘God Wants you to Tear Down Borders and Defeat...

Pope Tells Merkel: ‘God Wants you to Tear Down Borders and Defeat Trump’

Pope Francis has delivered a “holy message” to German Chancellor Angela Merkel “directly from God”, instructing her to “tear down borders and defeat Donald Trump”.
According to the Pope, the man upstairs wants Merkel to keep pushing the global warming hoax and ushering in the New World Order’s agenda. Meeting with the Pope in the Vatican, she said that he told her to “tear down border walls” and fight anyone that “inhibits international cooperation”.
Express reports: President Donald Trump announced this month that he would withdraw from the landmark 2015 global agreement to fight climate change, drawing anger from world leaders. However, Ms. Merkel has said her plan have received approval in Rome – just weeks after Trump himself visited the Vatican. Merkel told reporters after an unusually long, 40-minute private audience with him:
“The Pope encouraged me to continue and fight for international agreements, including the Paris agreement.”

 Merkel, who faces elections in September, said the Pope expressed his support for the agenda of the G20 major economies, who hold a summit in Hamburg next month. “This (G20) agenda assumes that we are a part of a world in which we work together through multilateral cooperation,” Merkel said of her discussion with the Pope. “It is a world in which we want to tear down walls and not build them, and in which we all seek prosperity, wealth, honor, and dignity for mankind.” Trump, who has promised to build a wall along the Mexican border, has shunned some multilateral cooperation. The Vatican said that issues of common interest were discussed, including the need for the international community to focus on combating poverty, hunger, the global threat of terrorism, and climate change.
source: neonnettle