BREAKING: Mass Evacuation Of World Trade Center Hub Underway – Horrifying 4th...

BREAKING: Mass Evacuation Of World Trade Center Hub Underway – Horrifying 4th Of July Plan Unfolds


This July Fourth is particularly monumental considering it the’s first Independence Day since conservative got their country back and a leader in office who has given Americans more reason to celebrate on Tuesday. This also makes it a special target day for various kinds of terrorists who vowed to make this long weekend a “living hell.” We’re seeing the potential side effects of that promise unfold at the World Trade Center hub in Manhattan now as the entire place has been evacuated on one of the busiest weekends.

It’s eerily ironic and perhaps not a coincidence at all that the transit hub heading into the place that started where a new face of the nation after terrorism began. Authorities have swarmed the station and cleared everyone out after what they found inside, just 24 hours after the threat was made to make this patriotic holiday the worst on record.

CBS News reports:

An unattended package prompted a temporary evacuation at the World Trade Center PATH station, CBS New York reports.

Sources told CBS New York that Port Authority K-9 officers received a positive hit on a PATH rail car at the World Trade Center station.

“Due to police activity, service in to and out of WTC is suspended. Please use MTA for service uptown for PATH service in to New Jersey,” read a tweet posted on the PATH Alerts Twitter account. 

PATH service into and out of the World Trade Center is suspended as Emergency Service and K-9 units from the Port Authority Police Department investigate the area.   

PATH Alerts told customers that service along the World Trade Center line is terminating at Exchange Place in Jersey City until further notice, according to the Port Authority.

Although the package has since been deemed not to be a threat and the facility was given an “all clear,” allowing employees to resume work at the hub, this could be seen as a “practice run” for something much more sinister. There’s still another 48 hours before the end of the 4th of July holiday when anything could happen, and for liberals to fulfil their promise of making this long weekend a living hell. They have already started doing this with protests they held today.

As Freedom Daily reported on Friday, the incensed left wants to take advantage of people celebrating our country made better under President Donald Trump by practically becoming terrorists themselves. We’ve seen them resort to violence a lot recently, so they’re certainly not above attempting worse.

Before Barack Obama left office, he secretly funnelled billions of dollars to radical anti-Trump groups, who are now serving as the militant arm of his shadow government. Obama’s pet project is now fully blossoming, as we see rabid anti-Trump groups like Antifa, MoveOn, Our Revolution, Indivisible, CREDO making up Obama’s “resistance movement,” who are now doing everything in their power to cause chaos and bring President Trump down. Now in the light of President Trump taking a sledgehammer to Obama’s “legacy” of Obamacare, Obama is massively pissed. And as a way to get revenge on Trump and everyone who supports him, Obama and his lefists are now plotting to “make Independence Day a living hell for Republicans, in an anti-American move that will leave you speechless.

So in a disgusting attempt to get back at Trump and Republicans for destroying Obamacare, nasty liberals across the nation have now announced their plans to hijack the day, where they’ve promised to make Independence Day “a living hell for Republicans” with left-leaning groups promising to interrupt parades and celebrations to make the day all about their temper tantrum over Obamacare.

The Daily Beast reports:

As the July 4th recess approaches, progressive political organizations like MoveOn, Our Revolution, Indivisible and CREDO, among others, are planning to keep up their momentum with peaceful protests at local Republican senators’ offices, floods of phone calls and even appearances at local Independence Day parades.

“Republican senators have demonstrated that their number one goal in health care reform is avoiding any public interaction with their constituents,” Ben Wikler, the Washington director for the political advocacy group MoveOn told The Daily Beast in a phone interview.

There’s a new lot of terrorists in the country today who are turning on their fellow Americans simply because of a difference of opinion. They are not well-adjusted enough to discuss ideas or differences or just move on accepting the reality that their candidate lost and Trump is in charge for the next four to eight years. Because of this, they want to bring hell into the place where they live and enjoy the same rights as those they hate, and it’s not likely to end well. So, piss a liberal off this weekend by showing your patriotic pride for this country in every way you can, wearing and waving the American flag.