Tuesday, September 18, 2018
Kathy Griffin Is Back, See Her Disgusting Response To President Trump’s Mika...

Kathy Griffin Is Back, See Her Disgusting Response To President Trump’s Mika Tweets


Kathy Griffin, the notorious “comedian” who took a photo with a decapitated Trump head, is back. She is now the poster child for liberal violence against conservatives. After President Trump criticized her for the decapitated head photo, she claimed that people were only mad at her because she was a woman. She also screamed “He broke me! He broke me! He broke me!” a few times about President Trump.

You would think after all of this, she would just go away. But she is back, and she wants us all to know her opinion about the tweets that President Trump sent to MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski. “POTUS likes to punch down. Whether it’s anchors, US Attorneys, or standup comics. Meanwhile, millions are about to lose health insurance,” tweeted Griffin.

Mika Brzezinski has been using the tweets directed at her to push her more Fake News. Right after the incident, Mika and Joe made up a crazy story about President Trump blackmailing them with a National Enquirer story.

“We got a call that, hey, the National Enquirer is going to run a negative story against you guys, and…the president is friends with the guy who runs the National Enquirer. And they said: ‘If you call the president up, and you apologize for your coverage, then he will pick up the phone and, basically, spike this story,’” said Scarborough.

“And let me explain what they were threatening. They were calling my children, they were calling close friends of mine, and they were pinning the story on my ex-husband, who would absolutely never do that,” said Mika. All these claims are unproven.