“Jesus Would Have Made The Cake”, Joy Behar Thinks She Knows More...

“Jesus Would Have Made The Cake”, Joy Behar Thinks She Knows More Than A Christian


It is crazy how freedom of religion is constitutionally guaranteed in our country, and yet liberals want to force a Christian baker to make cakes that go against his religion.

This is, of course, the situation America has found itself in after eight years of Barack Obama’s extremist liberal presidency. The Colorado baker Jack Phillips and his lawyer recently made an appearance on The View, and were subjected to a lecture on Christianity by moral relativist host Joy Behar.

Phillips earned unintended national fame when he politely declined to bake a cake for a gay couple’s wedding. He has also declined to bake cakes for Halloween events and ones with anti-American themes. Argued Alliance Defending Freedom attorney Kristen Waggoner, “The same laws that force Jack to design custom expression will force you to speak messages that you don’t want to speak.”

Added the baker, “I’m not judging these two gay men that came in. I’m just trying to preserve my right as an artist to decide which artistic endeavors I’m going to do and which ones I’m not.”

Responded The View co-host Paula Faris, “Did you ever ask yourself what would Jesus do in this particular situation? Instead of denying them, do you think maybe Jesus would have said I don’t accept this but I’m going to love you anyways?” When Phillips stated that he did not think Hesus would have baked the cake, Joy Behar asserted, “You don’t? Oh come on. Jesus would have made the cake.” Do you think Joy’s answer is ridiculous? Watch below: