BREAKING: GOP Rep BETRAYS America, Defends Violent Illegals Instead

BREAKING: GOP Rep BETRAYS America, Defends Violent Illegals Instead


Yesterday was a big day for President Trump and our country as a whole. The House voted on two BIG bills that would be the stepping stones to stopping illegal immigration to our country.

Congressman Justin Amash (R-MI) was the ONLY Republican who voted down both of these bills yesterday, according to Breitbart. We are happy to report that BOTH bills made it through the House. However, it is disgusting that this Michigan congressman showed his true colors to the entire country.

What Amash did is an unforgivable betrayal of our nation. The first bill, Kate’s Law, was named after a San Fransisco woman named Kate Steinle who was murdered by an illegal immigrant who was here even AFTER being deported on multiple occasions. The purpose of Kate’s Law is to punish those who are deported and come back to the U.S. with harsher prison terms.

A deterrent to illegal immigration is a very good idea. If you get kicked out once you won’t come back because you know that your punishment will be more severe if, and when, you are caught again. Why would any sane American oppose this law?

Amash addressed this on his Twitter page. He stated, “I voted no today on two bills that together violate the 1st, 4th, 5th, 10th, and 11th, Amendments. I will always defend our Constitution. ”

We have to wonder if Justin knows that OUR Constitution does not apply to citizens of other countries.  You do not get to say that the Constitution applies to people who are here illegally because they are on our soil illegally.  It would be great if he could clarify on how OUR documents affect a non-citizen.

As you can tell from the tweet, Amash also voted “no” on the other bill, the No Sanctuary for Criminals Act. This bill is designed to punish cities who flaunt their sanctuary city status.

The bill stops these cities from receiving Federal grants, which makes sense. If you are going to defy Federal law openly why should you be entitled to Federal grant monies? Democrats are completely oblivious to logic sometimes.

This is not the first time that Amash has done something so blatantly against the interests of the American people. Amash is also one of the ONLY Republicans to humor the idea of impeaching the president.

There was a conversation with Amash after The New York Times published a story regarding President Trump pressuring Comey over Michael Flynn’s investigation. The details were scarce and the sources “unknown,” yet still, Amash said it would be worth looking into and possibly impeaching the president.

The issue with this thought process is that there is zero evidence to back up his claim. It is easy to see how this could be troublesome. Amash even admitted that he trusts Comey over President Trump. It is sad to say, but Justin seems more like a conspiracy nut Democrat than a Republican these days.

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