Tuesday, September 18, 2018
New York Daily News Calls For The Removal Of ‘White Men’, It’s...

New York Daily News Calls For The Removal Of ‘White Men’, It’s Disgusting


The New York Daily News writer Shaun King, called for the removal of white men. Liberalism is getting more and more dangerous. He wrote a series of ill-informed tweets calling Christians who believe in security ‘fake’ and ‘white supremacists’.

“Shame on every “Christian” among us supporting a ban on immigrants and refugees. Your faith is as fake as a $3 bill. To support a ban on immigrants & refugees, while calling yourself a Christian, is not faith, it’s white supremacy disguised as religion,” wrote King.

“Trump, and conservatives, don’t have any real interest in making America safe, or lessening the violence. That’s a ruse, a fabrication,” tweeted King. What an idiot! But he wasn’t done. He wrote an article called “KING: If you want to stop mass shootings in America, consider banning white men”.

“On this past Sunday, in a bit of tongue-in-cheek hyperbole, I tweeted that if our country truly wanted to ban a demographic in the name of halting mass shootings, it would be best to ban white people. After all, white people, white men to be particular, and not African-Americans or Latinos or immigrants or Muslims are responsible for the overwhelming majority of America’s mass shootings,” wrote King.

“What I really wanted to see, though, was whether or not the mention of such a ban would irritate the very conservatives whose candidate of choice, Donald Trump, has repeatedly called for such a ban on Muslim immigrants when the truth is that only one Muslim immigrant has ever participated in the 30 deadliest mass shootings in modern American history,” wrote King. Apparently he thinks that ‘Muslim’ is a race?