Tuesday, September 18, 2018
CNN’s Brian Stelter Calls Fox A Trump “Safe Space”, He Gets Destroyed...

CNN’s Brian Stelter Calls Fox A Trump “Safe Space”, He Gets Destroyed In A Brutal Way


CNN fake news journalist Brian Stelter made a segment devoted to insulting Fox & Friends, a real news network. He claimed that the space was a ‘safe space’ for President Trump. “What would a daily infomercial for the Trump presidency look like? Actually, we don’t have to wonder. We have the answer right in front of us. It’s called Fox & Friends,” said Stelter.

He went on to claim that the show was a “safe space” for President Trump. “The show is about showering Trump with positive attention and burying his enemies with negative attention,” said Stelter. “The bottom line, you might look at this and see propaganda from Fox. I prefer to think of it as an infomercial,” he said.

“Fox & Friends is selling a product. In the guise of a news talk show like QVC or HSN. It’s a free country. Viewers should recognize what product Fox is selling. It’s all about optimism for Trump, resentment about his opponents. I wonder what they would do without the ‘liberal’ media? Who knows?” sais Stelter.

There is in overwhelming hypocrisy in literally every word. He might as well be describing himself selling hatred against President Trump. Or themselves as an infomercial for Obama. However, right after this happened, Stelter was forced to apologize for the networks fake news story about Russia.

“The story, which reported that Congress was investigating a ‘Russian investment fund with ties to Trump officials,’ cited a single anonymous source. These types of stories are typically reviewed by several departments within CNN — including fact-checkers, journalism standards experts and lawyers — before publication,” described Stelter, about CNN’s Fake News.