Friday, October 19, 2018
“It’s Going To Eat Us All Alive!” Bill Clinton Warns Of Mexican...

“It’s Going To Eat Us All Alive!” Bill Clinton Warns Of Mexican ‘Urban Gangs’, Liberals Will Be Furious


President Trump often warned about gangs from Mexico bringing drugs into the country. Liberals responded by calling him a racist. Bill Clinton warns about Mexico bringing drugs, and they don’t do anything. In a speech at the U.S. Mayors Conference in Miami, Bill Clinton warned of a growing heroine epidemic that is coming into the United States from Mexico.

“In the beginning, this despicable epidemic had a less violent delivery system. Our kids were delivered and a lot of our adults were delivered into a paralyzing addiction by doctors, pharmacists and drug manufacturers, not by armed gangs. However, this movie is coming to a theater near you,” said Bill.

“Because as the government got better at dealing with opioids, more people moved into heroin. Heroin is even cheaper now because it is now being grown in Mexico in the hidden parts of the Sierra Madre Mountains and being harvested by preteens,” warned Bill.

“And then it got even cheaper with fentanyl which is a synthetic drug that if you have a 13-year-old child or certainly a 15-year-old child who can make a ‘C’ in high school chemistry and access to a garage they can learn how to make. And now it’s becoming attractive to urban gangs,” said Bill.

“It’s going to eat us all alive!” he said.