US Forces Take Out 3 Al-Qaeda Leaders in Yemen

US Forces Take Out 3 Al-Qaeda Leaders in Yemen


Don’t mess with “Mad Dog” Mattis. That’s what terrorists around the world are realizing after another successful operation in the Middle East took out a senior Al Qaeda operative.

The Washington Free Beacon reported that Abu Khattab al Awlaqi and two of his associates have been killed in airstrikes conducted by U.S. Central Command, the military section responsible for the Middle East.

That figure was near the top of the organizational hierarchy in the radical group known as Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula. “Al Awlaqi was a senior leader responsible for planning and conducting terrorist attacks against civilians,” stated a CENTCOM news release.

 “He had significant influence throughout AQAP’s terrorist stronghold, had ties and access to the group’s other senior leaders, and was implicated in planning and leading efforts to exacerbate instability in southern Yemen.”Under the direction of Secretary of Defense James Mattis, the former Marine general sometimes known as “Mad Dog,” the U.S. military has been stepping up its raids against terrorist-linked militants. In May, U.S. Special Forces conducted an operation that killed seven Al-Qaeda terrorists. Other recent operations have used airstrikes to take out enemy combatants.

The most recent strike was aided by allies in the Middle East, according to Pentagon officials.

 “U.S. forces conducted this strike with the full support of the government of Yemen,” CENTCOM stated. “In conjunction with our Arab allies, the U.S. will continue to support their efforts and fight terrorist organizations like AQAP.”After eight years of paper tiger actions and vague “red line” talk by Barack Obama, it’s refreshing to see President Donald Trump and his team finally taking the fight to the enemy.

Mattis knows how to get things done on the battlefield, and it’s about time that he was “let off the leash” to defend American interests and put radical terrorists in their place.

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