BREAKING: Tillerson and Mattis Team Up To Kill Obama’s ‘Pet Project’

BREAKING: Tillerson and Mattis Team Up To Kill Obama’s ‘Pet Project’


Two juggernauts of the Trump administration are teaming up to eliminate the waste left behind by former President Obama.

Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson, and Secretary of Defense, James Mattis, have teamed up to eliminate the position of special representative for Afghanistan and Pakistan — a post created by former President Obama. (via Washington Examiner)

Laurel Miller was forced to step down as the special representative for Afghanistan and Pakistan, as the Trump administration seeks to eliminate waste in the State Department.

Instead, the duties of the special representative will return to the South and Central Asian Affairs Bureau, allowing for a broader approach to the problems in the Middle East.

The special representative position was created by Obama in 2009 to deal with the problems in Pakistan and Afghanistan as independent and isolated issues.

The envoy position was widely considered to be redundant, as the South and Central Asian Affairs Bureau was already responsible for leading missions in the region.

The post was eliminated because Rex Tillerson is attempting to reduce the budget of the State Department by 32 percent, in accordance with President Trump’s cost-saving initiative.

The decision was made as James Mattis planned to deliver 5000 more troops to Afghanistan to train locals in the fight against the growing Taliban insurgency.

President Trump is committed to eliminating the wasteful positions created by Barack H. Obama to reward his wealthy donors. The duties of the special envoy will be consolidated into the broader State Department, thus saving money, and increasing coordination across the Middle East.

The swamp continues to drain, as Obama officials are forced to step down. Laurel Miller, who was recently fired, is planning to return to her post at the Rand Corporation — a public policy think tank that receives its funding from private businesses, and the United States Armed Force.

The effort by Mattis and Tillerson is part of the major change in strategy deployed by President Trump. Funding is being spent on troops, instead of special envoys.

Obama was the president of rhetoric, while Trump is the president of action. Instead of talking to the Taliban President, Trump is bringing the fight directly to their door step.

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