WATCH: Obama’s SICK Order To Frame Trump EXPOSED

WATCH: Obama’s SICK Order To Frame Trump EXPOSED


President Trump is taking the fight to the Democrats. He is refusing to let them control the narrative of the Russian witch hunt, and has slammed former President Obama.

Former President Obama ordered two Russian diplomatic compounds closed in the weeks after Donald Trump won the election. The order resulted in the destruction of Russian antennas, computers, and files essential to the ongoing investigation. (via Washington Post)

An exclusive published by The Washington Post last Friday revealed that the Obama administration knew about the Russian interference in the election as far back as August 2016.

American intelligence agencies admit that Russian hackers were ordered by Putin himself to hack into the private email servers of the Democrat and Republican parties.

The Republican email server was able to survive the hack mostly untouched. The Democrat server, however, was lacking security, and the DNC emails were exposed by Russian hackers all over the world.

According to the exclusive report, Obama didn’t react to the allegations of Russian interference because he expected that Hillary Clinton would win the election.

Obama knew that the Clinton administration would cover for the crimes and errors of his failed administration. However, everything changed when Trump was elected president on November 8th.

Suddenly, the Russian interference was played up as the biggest crime in American history. What was at first a minor offense, now required immediate action, as the Democrats constructed their postelection narrative.

Obama ordered the shutdown of two Russian diplomatic compounds on American soil. The specter of Russian interference was used to justify illegal spying on members of the Trump election campaign. Obama ordered the spying as early as July, but did not learn of Russian involvement in the DNC leak until August of last year.

According to the seditious Washington Post, Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election was the “crime of the century.” For The Post, exposing Hillary Clinton’s private emails detailing the depth of her corruption to the voting public was worse than the September 11 attack.

However, the actions of the Democrats hindered any meaningful investigation. The DNC refused to let government intelligence agencies investigate their penetrated server and Obama helped destroy Russian equipment.

The Democrats clearly have something to hide. They blocked all investigations when they thought Clinton would win the White House, only to perform a full 180 turn after her historic defeat.

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