WATCH: New Video Reveals HORRIFYING Truth About Voter Fraud. God Help Us.

WATCH: New Video Reveals HORRIFYING Truth About Voter Fraud. God Help Us.


Ever since Donald Trump won the presidential election, we’ve heard the Left screeching and crying, and saying Hillary won the popular vote. They think she should be president. Funny, considering that they stopped caring about the Electoral College when it was convenient for them.

A think tank group, Just Facts, worked closely with data from past elections to see how big of a role illegal aliens had in our election. The figures are out, and Dennis Michael Lynchis reporting that upward of 5.7 MILLION illegals voted in the 2008 election. In contrast, 3.6 MILLION illegals may have voted in the 2012 election. 

You won’t be surprised to learn that a STRONG majority of illegal voters go with the Democrats — every single time. The reason they stick to the left is because liberals coddle illegals, and give them free reign over our country. Often, an illegal can get government assistance before a hard-working American can! It’s DISGUSTING.

Think back to the 2016 election. Do you remember how the Left were foaming at the mouth to tell you about Hillary winning the popular vote? Well, according to the figures from Just Facts, it would appear that nearly ALL her extra votes came from illegals.

In fact, if not for illegals, Hillary would have CERTAINLY lost the popular vote, too. We’re SICK AND TIRED of the Left playing this game, and disrespecting our Democracy because they’re unhappy.

The Democrats want to change the foundation of our country. It doesn’t work that way — regardless of how badly they want to believe that it does.

Instead of whining about the results of the election, Democrats should take personal responsibility for their mistakes, and should try to improve if they want to stand a chance in future elections. The problem here is the “participation trophy” mentality, and the Left feel like they’re ENTITLED to the presidency. It’s absurd.

The report also revealed startling information about HOW illegals vote, and how the number of illegal voters has been construed. These people can get away with their behavior because the left helps them obtain fake ID’s and Social Security numbers. If you recall, there was a city on the West Coast offering illegals “care packages” with fake documents.

You may be wondering how the left were able to fudge the numbers and make it seem like illegals played no role in the election. Simply put, illegals will not participate in any official census or voter survey. OF COURSE, they’re going to cover up their illegal activity — they want to stay in the country. Now we’re on to them, and we WILL chase them out of their foxholes. We’ll win the next election by a LANDSLIDE!

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