BREAKING: Hillary Sends NASTY Message to GOP. She’s Pure Evil.

BREAKING: Hillary Sends NASTY Message to GOP. She’s Pure Evil.


Even though she lost the election, Hillary Clinton still, unfortunately, wields a lot of influence over liberals. You’re sure to hear her messages repeated back to you by her braindead followers.

Hillary Clinton tweeted out, “Forget death panels. If Republicans pass this bill, they’re the death party.”


Which bill? The health care bill which is, as of now, before the Senate. A vote will be held on the bill next Thursday.

I find this argument from Clinton a little rich. Republicans are not the party shoving abortions down vulnerable young women’s throats.

Nor are the Republicans the party determined to neglect our veterans to the very death. Beyond that, Hillary Clinton herself left American heroes behind in Benghazi, to die, all because she was too ashamed to admit she’d failed in her duties.

Never mind all those mysterious deaths that keep happening around her. If Hillary had a hand in even a fraction of those, she’s throwing stones from a (very fragile) glass house.

But this idea didn’t start with Hillary, and it’ll be her liberal followers repeating and parroting these stats to you over the next few weeks. So, how do we know it’s absurd?

Hillary is referencing a study that claims 18 to 28 million people will lose health insurance by 2026 as a result of this bill. The write up of this study, which Hillary links to, is from American progress (I wonder which state-destroying globalist funds this).

The study was conducted by Harvard researchers, who made the following assumptions: the bill ends the Medicaid expansion, makes other cuts to our health care system, and throws 23 million Americans off their health insurance.

If President Trump and the Republicans were to pass this, they would surely do everything needed to make sure that didn’t happen. So far, Trump has kept all his campaign promises. We have no reason to believe he’d let us down.

His overall plan is to increase the competition between insurance companies, forcing them to lower their premiums. Already, he’s gotten rid of the individual mandate in some respects, making insurance premiums and deductibles more responsive to the market.

President Trump knows that you don’t have to hand people money for them to buy health insurance. That only increases prices. Instead, by utilizing these basic supply and demand principles, President Trump can make insurance cheaper — without writing anyone a check.

That’ll result in many more people being able to afford insurance than before. If those Harvard researchers studied President Trump’s overall health care plan, I’m sure they would have found that he’s saving lives.

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