BREAKING: Clintons Admit Guilt For Nasty Crime, MEDIA COVERING IT UP

BREAKING: Clintons Admit Guilt For Nasty Crime, MEDIA COVERING IT UP


The Clinton crime family remains free from consequence as the mainstream media continues to ignore the crimes of the Democrat party.

The Clintons were forced to admit that the Clinton Foundation accepted a $1 million “donation” from Qatar and lied to cover it up. Qatar offered the massive sum while Hillary Clinton was serving as Secretary of State. (via Daily Wire)

Both Hillary and Bill Clinton were forced to sign an ethics agreement when Hillary was appointed as Secretary of State. The agreement required the power couple to disclose all new foreign donations.

Hillary Clinton was asked to lead the State Department in 2009. The Clinton Foundation made a full list of their donors available in 2010.

However, the foundation has refused to provide a full list of donors for any year after 2010, in clear violation of the ethics agreement they signed.

The Clintons refused to disclose their full donor list because the Clinton Foundation began accepting donations from foreign governments in exchange for influence with the newly appointed Secretary of State.

Foreign governments could only gain access to the Hillary Clinton and the power of the State Department by making massive donations to the Clinton slush fund, which is disguised as a global charity.

In 2011, the Islamic government of Qatar “donated” $1 million to the Foundation to celebrate Bill Clinton’s birthday. In exchange, government officials bought face time with the Clintons in New York.

Clinton Foundation officials admitted that they failed to reach the requirements of the ethics agreement. However, they blamed the lapse on an oversight. The Foundation has yet to provide a complete list of donors who provided funding to Hillary Clinton’s charity while she (pretended to) served the American people.

Typically, violating an ethics agreement with the federal government and accepting millions in a pay-to-play scheme would generate outrage in the media, and spawn investigations in congress. Unfortunately, the Clinton crime family remains immune from consequence as they continue to sell out the American people.

The Washington elites have developed a two-tier justice system where the rich and powerful are immune from consequence. Hillary Clinton can get away with crimes that would lock average Americans up for life.

President Trump needs to name a special prosecutor at once. It’s a scandal, and Hillary Clinton is still walking free. We need to make an example of the evil power broker.

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