ALERT: Dems Make Their Move, Civil War Is Imminent

ALERT: Dems Make Their Move, Civil War Is Imminent


Throughout the 2016 campaign, the political pundits pontificated about the possibility of a fractured Republican Party. Now, after a string of massive defeats, it looks like the Democrats are the ones headed for a Civil War.

In the wake of Republican Karen Handel’s defeat of Jon Ossoff in Georgia, a dozen Democrats have met in secret in order to oust House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA). Pelosi has publicly stated that she does not intend to step down, but inter-party pressure could be too strong, via Washington Examiner.

Ossoff’s defeat was especially galling for many Democrats, even though the former documentary filmmaker was trying to contest a heavily Republican district.

The Democrats raised a staggering $30 million for Ossoff’s campaign, and still lost by a comfortable margin, via New York Post.

Ossoff’s defeat was made even more painful by the fact that California Democrats, including plenty of Hollywood celebrities, made some of the largest donations to his campaign. Many of these same celebrities are now calling for Pelosi’s head.

In the wake of Hillary Clinton’s loss to Donald Trump, Democrats have put their money on a strategy to flip seats in the House of Representatives, all in order to make Congress more Democrat-friendly before the 2018 elections.

So far, the Democrats are 0-4. Montana Republican Greg Gianforte was even convicted of attacking a Guardian reporter, and still managed to defeat his Democratic challenger, via Chicago Tribune.

As an FYI, journalist Ben Jacobs, whom Gianforte assaulted, has a history as an operative working in conjunction with the Democrat Party, via Got News.

Given how Democrats and liberal pundits have reacted to Jon Ossoff’s defeat, Pelosi’s replacement is likely to be a far-Left politician with support from nonwhite minority groups.

This move would be a complete boon to the Republican Party, as the Democrat’s move to the far-Left has done nothing but give Republicans victory after victory.

The Democrats do not seem to learn, however. MSNBC pundit, Sally Kohn, has called on Democrats to abandon centrism in the wake of Ossoff’s defeat, via Twitter. Others have called on Democrats to abandon white and rural voters altogether.

In their warped minds, this strategy will work. A big part of this strategy depends on demographic changes, which of course means supporting greater illegal immigration from Mexico, and Central America.

President Trump’s border wall, the collapse of the H1B1 visa, and a far-Left Democrat Party could effectively guarantee a Republican majority for years to come.

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